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  • YipTree

    YipTree is a learning management system including UK curriculum based exams and utilizing AI

What is YipTree?

YipTree is a browser-based learning environment, so it is usable with any device.  It consists of many different automatically assessed exercises and exams based on UK curriculum, which students can complete and navigate through easily. YipTree utilizes Artificial Intelligence in order to monitor and guide the students through the course. 

YipTree has been developed in Finland and it is currently in use in many primary and secondary schools across Scandinavia. Currently we are aiming towards UK as a potential market for our product. To reach that goal, we are searching for teachers who are interested in e-learning and other modern pedagogical approaches. Teachers participating in this pilot will be provided with full access to YipTree’s learning materials and analytics tools free of charge. How does YipTree look like? Check out here!

Schools in UK


Our AI will point out any learning difficulties or areas which may need more practise. 

Schools in UK


Teachers can oversee and monitor their student’s individual progress during each lesson and focus their attention towards the students in need.  

Schools in UK


Teachers can also use our ready-made, UK curriculum based, automatically corrected exams.