For corporations
For corporations


YipTree is so easy to use that learners can straight away to focus on the subject instead of learning how to use the service. There is no need for user training sessions.

For corporations


 YipTree collects a lot of learning data and displays it as an easy to read graphics in real time for the learner and the mentor.

For corporations


Artificial intelligence in YipTree gives advice and recommendations according to learner’s individual needs.

For corporations


Artificial intelligence in YipTree can recognize challenges and problems in learning and notice the mentor.

For corporations


YipTree collects data about learning results, activity, social activity and the time spend on task. All the data helps the artificial intelligence to personalize learning as well as the mentor to give grades.

For corporations


Mentor can monitor the progress of the whole course with only one view. Mentor can also grade open assignments with our easy grading tool without opening several assignments and tabs.

For corporations


With YipTree’s content creation tools, anyone can easily create interactive, gamified tasks and assignments with automatic checking. 

YipTree contains over 15 different kind of assignment types that can be used. Some assingments even include a feedback that will be shown when the learner’s answer is incorrect.

We are also happy to help you with the content creation or to integrate your already existing content.



  • For internal training
  • For portfolios
  • For orientation
  • For sharing the knowledge with employees and partners around the world
  • For internal communication
  • For customer training
  • For projects and team work

Key features

    • Cloud service
    • Can be used with any device and can be accessed anywhere with single sign-on for all integrated services.
    • Possibility to sign in with Google credentials
    • Automatically adapts learner’s learning paths according their skill level and personal learning goals
    • Helps to identify learning problems and provides ways to solve the issues, for example by providing alternative learning material
    • Provides insights to future career opportunities in STEM subjects and professions
    • Tutors and supports learners in their tasks, helps finding information from right places and encourages to ask help from each other and trying out new ways to learn
    • Automatically creates metadata for courses and learning materials by analyzing the content
    • Artificial intelligence can be seen as active virtual characters assisting, guiding and supporting users in their personal learning.
    • Mentors can easily upload their course materials and test and quizzes into library.
    • Our solution is able to integrate the most popular learning materials, such as learning games and learning tools by using latest e-learning standards: IMS LTI, IMS QTI, Common Cartridge and SCORM.
    • YipTree’s learning material is rich in metadata (IEEE LOM standard) enabling easy and intelligent searches and material recommendations.
    • Using Experience API, we are able to store and collect learning information efficiently not only from our learning activities, but also from different learning environments and external learning materials.
    • For exciting and motivating user experience YipTree includes gamification elements.
    • YipTree provides personalized learning paths through different selection steps during the course. In these selection phases students choose difficulty level and personal learning goals.
    • After successful completion of courses and learning assignments YipTree rewards students with learning badges.
    • Navigation between course topics in YipTree happens in a new way: lessons are organized in a “tree” -structure, which makes navigation easier and fun. Learning trees works as mind maps that shows the relations between topics.
    • Our intelligent and versatile learning analytics and progress tool bring the possibility for mentors and learners to monitor and analyse their learning process and identify possible learning difficulties.
    • Our solution doesn’t only monitor user’s learning results, but other kind of learning activities, such as social activity, time spent on tasks and general activity in the PLE.
    • In the evaluation view, teachers can view the answers of multiple learners at the same time, which highly facilitates the evaluation process.
    • Discussion boards familiar from social media can be used for organizing learning activities, sharing interesting topics and learning material.
    • With YipTree’s various tools it is easy and smooth to create digital learning materials, for example drag&drop- and multiple choice assignments and interactive videos.
    • With YipTree’s test and quizzes tool is possible to create versatile and visual tests and quizzes with automatic checking.
    • Group submissions enables leaners to learn together.
    • YipTree also includes portfolio tool. Portfolio supports the idea of lifelong learning.