YipTree is comprehensive and intelligent PLE that adapts every student’s individual needs while also saving teacher’s time and increasing student’s motivation.

Our vision:

The smartest learning environment in the world

Time saving  -“All in one”

YipTree has a material library that offers available ready-made curriculum based  education materials, tools, apps, contents and services. With this feature teachers can focus on supporting and guiding their pupils. It is very easy and flexible to plan lessons and courses through Yiptree. Teachers, students and other stakeholders are able to interact through YipTree and the service can also be integrated to social media.

Intelligent environment for personalized learning

YipTree’s artificial intelligence personalizes the whole learning path and materials based on student’s individual interests, learning styles and skill level. YipTree can identify learning problems and recommend more suitable learning materials and styles, which decreases the number of early dropouts. Our intelligent and versatile learning analytics tool brings possibility for teachers and students to monitor and analyze their learning process.

Inspiring and fun learning experience

To maintain student´s motivation and interest YipTree includes gamification functions and shows how STEM phenomena occurs in real life. YipTree is very user friendly because many functions work as the most common social media features.

Development of YipTree bases on a few values that matter to us.

  • Learning isn’t just a part of childhood. Learning is a lifelong process. Internalizing new skills and subjects plays a big role in the changing world. Our service supports that never-ending process of learning.

  • Experiencing and understanding new things, subjects and phenomena is first of all exciting. One of our main values is to maintain and increase pupils´interest and inspiration in the learning process.

  • Nothing can be achieved completely alone and learning isn’t an exception. YipTree has been developed with an idea that pupils can help, support and communicate with each others.

  • We believe that everyone regardless of time, place or personal weaknessesand strengths have their right to learn and achieve. That’s why equality is one of our key values when it comes to the product development of YipTree.

  • First of all, the whole service has been developed around the pupils. The meaning of every function in YipTree is to help pupils in the personal learning process.

  • Learning is all about individual’s weaknesses, strengths, interests and learning styles. That is why key to a successful learning is furthering individualism. YipTree’s clever learning environment has been created to adapt learning paths individually according to pupil’s skill level, interests and learning style.


    • Cloud service
    • Can be used with any device and can be accessed anywhere with single sign-on for all integrated services.
    • Automatically adapts students learning paths and styles according their skill level, learning styles and personal learning goals
    • Helps to identify learning problems and provides ways to solve the issues, for example by providing alternative learning materialBa
    • Helps students to understand theoretical topics of STEM in real world context by providing interesting suggestions of topics based on interests of each individual student
    • Provides insights to future career opportunities in STEM subjects and professions
    • Tutors and supports students in their tasks, helps finding information from right places and encourages to ask help from each other and trying out new ways to learn
    • Automatically creates metadata for courses and learning materials by analyzing the content
    • Artificial intelligence can be seen as active virtual characters assisting, guiding and supporting users in their personal learning.
    • Material Library provides easy access to interesting and relevant learning materials such as ebooks, games and virtual labs.
    • From Material Library users can easily take new 3rd party learning tools into use in plug-n-play manner.
    • Our solution is able to integrate the most popular learning materials, such as learning games and learning tools by using latest e-learning standards: IMS LTI, IMS QTI, Common Cartridge and SCORM.
    • YipTree’s learning material is rich in metadata (IEEE LOM standard) enabling easy and intelligent searches and material recommendations.
    • Using Experience API, we are able to store and collect learning information efficiently not only from our learning activities, but also from different learning environments and external learning materials.
    • For exciting and motivating user experience YipTree includes elements similar from video games: YipTree provides personalized learning paths through different selection steps during the course. In these selection phases students chooses difficulty level, preferred learning style and personal learning goals.
    • After successful completion of courses and learning assignments YipTree rewards students with learning badges.
    • We also want encourage students to go outdoors and learn STEM topics from experiences of real world phenomenon. To achieve this we have designed a learning based geo-location game, in which students explores real world locations and complete assignments. Geo-location game will be provided as integrated mobile application and can be used with any device and operating system.
    • Our intelligent and versatile learning analytics tool brings possibility for teachers and students to monitor and analyze their learning process and identify possible learning problems.
    • Our solution doesn’t only monitor user’s learning results, but other kind of learning activities, such as social activity, time spent on tasks and general activity in the PLE.
    • Learning analytics tool is accompanied with smart parent support system that can send summarized analysis of students learning process with instructions how to proceed in learning problem situations.
    • YipTree makes planning of the courses fast and easy with provision of ready made learning material and course templates.
    • Our course designer tool enables flexible planning of learning content according to curriculum.
    • Navigation between course topics in YipTree happens in a new way: lessons are organized in a “tree” -structure, which makes navigation easier and fun. Learning trees works as mind maps that shows the relations between topics. Tree -navigation can be also used as a mind map tool to create personal learning portfolios.
    • Discussion boards familiar from social media can be used for organizing learning activities, sharing interesting topics and learning material.
    • Chat tools can be used private and group discussions, but especially for peer-support when students have problems in certain learning tasks.
    • Video Conference tool is useful for organizing teaching and learning projects remotely.
    • YipTree provides a simple and intuitive calendar tool, which can be used to organize and schedule online meetings between teachers and parents in a smart way.