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A Finnish company aiming to modernize e-learning globally. Our constantly evolving, innovative technological team together with our pedagogical expertise creates services and products to respond the needs of modern education.

We want to further the idea of pupils being able to learn with modern tools and methods regardless of place and time. We want to improve education as a whole by taking into account all the stakeholders, still noticing the fact that learning is totally individual process.

Our company culture is based on exceptionally agility and capability to adapt according to changes in our industry. Without formality and complex corporate structures we are able to make fast decisions and moves.

Our Story

Almerin Ltd. was founded in 2015 by CEO Teemu Laitinen in Jyväskylä Finland. The company was founded for the starting IMAILE project. Almerin developed its first product, personal learning environment called YipTree through the tree-phased IMAILE project. After two years of product development, Almerin’s first service will be launch during this spring. In two years the number of employees has grown to 15 full-time workers. Nowadays Almerin Ltd. locates in the centre of Finland but is daily in touch with partners and customers worldwide.

Link to IMAILE’s website: http://www.imaile.eu/


Our team’s expertise, agility, commitment, versatility and ambition are our most important and strongest competitive. Our team consists of professionals from different fields, different generations and different nations. So we can be sure that our products and services are ideal from every perspective. Our open and flexible company structure enables free flow of ideas, innovations and thoughts.

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